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[ROMAJI] Yuki no Hi to Love Song – Hatsune Miku

HARRY-P SONG AAAAAA MY FAVE P <3333 this song really brought me to tears. It’s really moving and so fuwa fuwa and aaaa feeelss ;w; This is requested by Jennifer, and thank you for requesting /o/ please stop by again! … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Jessica – Hatsune Miku

I know this song is kinda old but I just fell in love with it recently 8D;; and kururingo-sama,  this song of yours is really difficult to understand orz ewe;; still an awesome song! I thought there was no romaji … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Yasagu Ren’ka – Kagamine Len

Song is very catchy hnggh gjgj LeleleP-sama =w=b and that Len so smexyy I want to apologize if there’s any mistakes in the words, because the lyrics are mostly in katakana… Quite hard for someone still studying kanji like me … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Transparent Elegy (透明エレジー) – Gumi

Once I hear the intro for this song, I immediately love it. Adding n-buna to the list of my fave Ps /o/ Saishoukai ni kimi ga hitori yureru kage ga Zutto zutto zutto Bokura no ai wa mou Mitsukari hashinai … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Yobanashi Deceive – IA

I AM BACCCKKK sorry for the short disappearance I had school stuffs to complete orz. And so happy that a Jin song came out when I start to have more free time so…here goes /o/ Ilovekanokanokanokanokano hnnggghh (English-subbed video by … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Dance Dance Decadence – Kagamine Rin

Oh my gosh another eccentric song I found on NND ewe;; it’s by Karasuyasabou (actually my first time seeing that name), and I surely love this P! 😀 by the way the [xxxxx] are mysterious lyrics by the P, which … Continue reading

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