2nd update, please read!!

Hi guys! I’m sorry for not posting romaji lyrics for a really long time ;w; I was busy with either school, Youtube stuffs or writing fanfics orz.

Now for further announcements! As you can see, I have temporarily closed down the request box, as I am unable to spend time to fulfill some of them. I feel bad for making you guys wait, so I think it’s best to keep it closed for the moment. For the requests that have been made before this post are made, I will try completing them by next week.

Don’t worry, I will re-open the request box somewhere around mid-December, during my end of semester break. I assume I’ll have more free time by then to complete the requests.

For the meantime, I think I’ll still romanize some new songs from the Nicosound rankings once every two weeks or so. Or maybe faster than that, but it depends on the amount of free time I get. I have not abandon this site, don’t worry folks 😀

Oh, and one last announcement from me! I am participating in a Free! fan anthology with a couple of my friends, so feel free to check out the link I provide on this site (it should be somewhere on the right hand side of every post)! If you’re a fan of the swimming boys, I suggest to go take a look at our anthology’s tumblr page /o/

Well I guess that’s about it, thank you for reading and also visiting this site! I hope you enjoy your stay here and have a good day \o/



About abeyutaka

Yutaka's romaji lyrics bank! Just sharing the romaji lyrics for songs that I like or I randomly found on YT/nico. Feel free to request any romaji lyrics if you want to :D
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