3rd update… after a very long hiatus.

Hello everyone! I am back… again… after a very long time. My reason for my super long hiatus (even tho I promised to come back OTL) was due to exams last time, but now it has ended! I have now graduated yay /o/

So I’ll be opening the request box again and perhaps do some romanizing of songs… I’m not too updated now, especially since nicosound is down earlier this year… That site is really my source for updates so ><;;

Please, by all means leave some suggestions to what I should romanize in the request box (or here is fine, actually 8D) ! I would love to hear new songs heheheh

I apologize one more time for being away for a long time, but I am back!

oh and I’ll be fixing those broken video links ASAP…yep ewe;;



About abeyutaka

Yutaka's romaji lyrics bank! Just sharing the romaji lyrics for songs that I like or I randomly found on YT/nico. Feel free to request any romaji lyrics if you want to :D
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