Request Box! (it’s back open y’all!)

I really like romanizing lyrics (still in the middle of studying Japanese tho ewe;;) but I would love to help you all if you have any songs you want me to romanize! I will try my best /o/

Just post your request on the comment box below!

Have a nice day y’all !

edit: It’s back open!! Please feel free to request anything :DD




64 Responses to Request Box! (it’s back open y’all!)

  1. Jennifer says:

    Please ROMAJI this ;u;

  2. Ayka says:

    Could you romanize this song by Tohma? ;u;
    The title is: 【GUMI】ヤンキーボーイ・ヤンキーガール【オリジナル曲】
    Here is the nico link:

    Thank you so much! ^q^

  3. Jennifer says:

    This song right herre ;u;

  4. Tori says:
    This song please:) I would love to sing this.

  5. luckystar says:

    Umm,can you romanize this song by Heavenz, please?
    39(Thank you)!!

  6. NarumiKenji says:

    無気力クーデター [GUMI]

  7. Yuki says:

    Uhm could you romanize this? ^^
    【鏡音リン・レン】 ハウトゥー世界征服 【オリジナルPV付】

  8. Tomoya says:

    Do you mind to romanize this w 【IA】少女自傷癖【オリジナル】

  9. Hey! I haven’t found a translation of Coy herbivore yet! Can you please romanize it? Thank you!!!

  10. xCrosSxKnInE says:

    could you please do this? ♥.♥

    will gladly do anything for a romaji lyrics

    • abeyutaka says:

      I am very, very sorry but I cannot find the lyrics anywhere D: The Producer doesn’t provide them so I’m so sorry ;w; the on vocal ver is not there as well too…

  11. Empty_Cat says:

    Hi there, do you mind romanize this? Thanks!

  12. Superfreak101 says:

    Could you romanize _the NIGHTMARE THEATER by LiQ? Here’s the link: sm18729188. Thanks!

  13. Can you romanize Out of Eden by Len Kagamine for me? I can’t find the romaji anywhere… Oh, and on this device I cannot do links… gomenne… It’s on youtube though!

  14. Misaki says:

    Can you romanize Secret by IA ~ ?

    Thank you ~ ^^

  15. Anon says: Can you make romaji for this please? 🙂

    • abeyutaka says:

      ahhh I apologize but I cannot find the karaoke version for this one to romaji this D: I really like this song, so I guess I can keep it in mind if I can find the karaoke ver someday!

  16. luckystar5 says:

    Can you romanize this song by Baker?
    Thank you! \(^o^)/

  17. luckystar5 says:

    Hello! Can you romanize this song by Baker please?
    Thank you!! \(^0^)/

  18. Rae says:

    I’d love to see this: It’s romanized on the video, but I’d like to see it colorcoded out, you know?

    If since it’s already romanized, I’d like to see this one a lot! ❤

    Please and thank you ^^

  19. Italo Gianti says:

    wow! is something great to find someone like you! thank you for all your nice wonderful lyrics 🙂
    well, my name is Italo and im a huge fan of YOKO OGINOME an importan 80s Idol, but is so difficult try to find romaji lyrics of her songs, actually i would like to request 3 of her songs, but
    i’m gonna star requesting one of my favorites.

    thank you in advance! greetings from Chile

  20. Neko-chan3802 says:

    Hi can you please rimanize the song “EveR LastinG NighT” thanks!

  21. Middernachtt says:

    Could you please romaji this super cute Piko original~? > 0 <*)

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