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Yutaka's romaji lyrics bank! Just sharing the romaji lyrics for songs that I like or I randomly found on YT/nico. Feel free to request any romaji lyrics if you want to :D


Being an avid BACK-ON fan that I am, I was seriously thrilled when I saw Teeda, the group’s rapper tweeted about the lyrics video release earlier this evening. He’s even featured in the song hsshss that rapping is just awesome *__* And … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Hikaru nara – Goose house (full version)

When I first saw this song by one of my favourite bands in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, I instantly fell in love with it ❤ so when Goose house released the recording of the full version, I decided to romaji … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT – Miku, Rin, Len, Gumi, Meiko, Luka, Gakupo, Kaito

This was requested by Neko-chan3802, so thank you very much for requesting! I noticed that the romaji of this song was readily available, but it was only scripted based on the Vocaloids’ respective roles in the song. So I decided to … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Loft Side Graffiti – Yoko Oginome

This was a request by Italo Gianti, whom made an unique request for this 80s song! I never knew about the singer until now, so thank you for introducing me to her *^* RIKKENBAKKAA daite DAKKUWOOKU Anata no shashin ni … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Sakura-iro no Yume – Chihiro Toki (Deemo Ending Theme)

Hello! I recently finished Deemo (even tho it’s famous quite some time ago), and I’m absolutely in love with the ending song! So alas, here’s the romaji for you guys /o/ (Chinese-subbed video by 竺川輝) Wasurerarenai hito no omokage Tooi sora … Continue reading

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3rd update… after a very long hiatus.

Hello everyone! I am back… again… after a very long time. My reason for my super long hiatus (even tho I promised to come back OTL) was due to exams last time, but now it has ended! I have now … Continue reading

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2nd update, please read!!

Hi guys! I’m sorry for not posting romaji lyrics for a really long time ;w; I was busy with either school, Youtube stuffs or writing fanfics orz. Now for further announcements! As you can see, I have temporarily closed down … Continue reading

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