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Being an avid BACK-ON fan that I am, I was seriously thrilled when I saw Teeda, the group’s rapper tweeted about the lyrics video release earlier this evening. He’s even featured in the song hsshss that rapping is just awesome *__* And … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT – Miku, Rin, Len, Gumi, Meiko, Luka, Gakupo, Kaito

This was requested by Neko-chan3802, so thank you very much for requesting! I noticed that the romaji of this song was readily available, but it was only scripted based on the Vocaloids’ respective roles in the song. So I decided to … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Ai Kotoba II – Hatsune Miku

I thought I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw Ai Kotoba ‘2’ on nicosound. Deco’s comeback and kous’ arrange for this song is really pretty *A* brings back old memories too! Itsuka no uta mo ima ya Hyakumansai ni … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Jougen no Tsuki – Kaito

EHMAHGEERDD KAITO SOUNDS SO SEXY IN THIS SONG //// (and looks so sexy too) GJ KUROUSA-P I LOVE YOU ;W; <333 (English-subbed video by OccasionalSubs)   Hanamichi wo usuku terashite Yosegizaiku oto wo kanadeta Adeyakana jougen no tsuki Kumo ni … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Kimi ga Kimi ga – Hatsune Miku

This is a request by luckystar. Thank you so much for requesting this! Wow. This song is just magical. When I first saw this song at the rankings, I wasn’t that interested because I don’t know baker that well ewe;; … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Shounen Shoujo Moratorium Survival – Gumi

Since it’s Gumi’s birthday yesterday, here is a romanization of TOKOTOKO’s latest song, sang by Gumi herself 8DD Happy birthday, Gumi /o/ Thank you for being awesome =w=b Watashi no shourai wa geijutsuka Sorenari ni yokattan dakedo Kingendai ja shuunyuu … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Sayonara Wonder Noise – Hatsune Miku

This n-buna song is really similar to his/her previous work, Transparent Elegy… but it’s okay, the song’s still cool 8D Gaitouzoi zutto jyaanette Kimi wa naita tada waratte itai no ni Sotto sotto Katamatte shimattanda Toumeishoku ano ao ni datte … Continue reading

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