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[ROMAJI] EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT – Miku, Rin, Len, Gumi, Meiko, Luka, Gakupo, Kaito

This was requested by Neko-chan3802, so thank you very much for requesting! I noticed that the romaji of this song was readily available, but it was only scripted based on the Vocaloids’ respective roles in the song. So I decided to … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Shounen Shoujo Moratorium Survival – Gumi

Since it’s Gumi’s birthday yesterday, here is a romanization of TOKOTOKO’s latest song, sang by Gumi herself 8DD Happy birthday, Gumi /o/ Thank you for being awesome =w=b Watashi no shourai wa geijutsuka Sorenari ni yokattan dakedo Kingendai ja shuunyuu … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] jewel – Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Gumi, IA, Kagamine Rin

Oh my gosh I think that umetora’s new song is super duper catchy. I like it better than Ifuu Doudou imo ewe;; But well. Scripting this for someone who’s pretty bad at recognizing colors is quite challenging orz //shot (English-subbed … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Gears of Love – Gumi

HELLOOO GUYSS I AM BACK!! Sorry for the long wait but here I am 8DD I have been dying to romanize a lot of songs but school held me back orz. But here goes *^* This song by retasuP and … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Reincarnation – Gumi and Kagamine Rin

YAAAAYYYY KEMU RECENT UPLOADDD /o/ One of my fave P-s for Gumi-Rin duets! ❤ (English-subbed video by OccasionalSubs) Color guide: Gumi, Rin, Together Donten no daitoshi ni Miminari ga pachiri Negattari Sukatta oboe nado nai kedo Daijihen konton no tateya kushaenja Kioku to … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Higurashi Moratorium – Gumi

This is like one of the most abstract songs I’ve seen ever. It’s really nice tho, so thank you Total Objection-san! and also lovin’ Kettaro’s cover of this huehuehue e//w//e This is requested by Tori! Thank you so much 😀 … Continue reading

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[ROMAJI] Yakimochi no Kotae – Gumi

OHMYGOOOOSHH A HONEYWORKS NEW SONG *^^^^* This is really cute omg aahh feels ❤ HoneyWorks is really good in making cute love songs ewe ❤ (I’m sorry I have to use this subbed-version of halyosy’s cover because it’s the only … Continue reading

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